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“It’s so important to get your name and brand out into the public domain for many reasons,’’ according to Yvette.

Meet Yvette Gray

Media Focus for Conversation Caravan

Conversation Caravan is helping to build the media profile of its clients with the help of our new senior communications officer Yvette Gray.

Yvette has more than 20 years experience in the media industry, working in TV, radio, print and digital journalism as a reporter for the ABC, 3AW, Channel 7, Win TV and Leader Newspapers.

As an award winning journalist, she knows how to identify a good story and present it in a way that the public can relate to.

Yvette has also worked on the other side of the fence as the media and communications manager at Life Saving Victoria, so is very experienced in pitching stories, handling media requests and organising press releases and conferences.

Conversation Caravan recently had success in attracting media coverage in local newspapers and radio for the Frankston First Network and the Loddon youth projects, including a front page story in the Frankston Leader.

“It’s so important to get your name and brand out into the public domain for many reasons,’’ according to Yvette.

“It’s a chance to showcase the work you do which could create further opportunities down the track. There is no better way to promote your business than having a story written about it.’’

Yvette encourages organisations and businesses to be pro-active with media and establish relationships with editors and reporters where possible.

“Some people are afraid of the media but don’t be shy, it is actually a very powerful tool to help build your profile in the community,’’ she said.

When Yvette isn’t working with Conversation Caravan’s director Cindy Plowman on media strategies, she is busy being a Mum, rowing and keeping fit.

If you have any story ideas, pitch them to

Meet Nathan Jackson

Our Design Superhero

Meet the man behind the graphic designs used on Conversation Caravan’s corporate brand and promotional materials.

Nathan Jackson knows how to grab the attention of someone, fast.

“Graphic design is more about laying out text on a page that is readable and easy to understand more than creating fancy graphics,’’ according to Nathan.

“I live by the saying that less is more. We want to add just the right amount of graphics and copy to not overwhelm the person who is reading it.

“Adding the correct type-face for a project is important too. You don’t want to use a crazy font for a corporate event.’’

Our design guru said he has always had a passion for being creative and uses design to help solve people’s problems whilst being creative.

Since joining the Conversation Caravan team, he was worked on projects including the Frankston First Network, promotional materials for the business and some photography.

“The most memorable project so far has been working on the Loddon youth project as I felt like the project itself was more beneficial for the youth in this region,’’ Nathan said.

“Creating something for them to be proud of was probably one of the hardest parts of the job but I thoroughly enjoyed the project.’’

Fun Fact:

Did you know Living Coral is the 2019 Pantone colour of the year?

According to Nathan, Pantone is the name of swatches that are used throughout different forms of design. The living coral colour has been very popular in graphic designs over the past two years. “I find the colour quite calming yet at the same time it’s quite eye catching.’’

Lee’s Top 3 Camera Phone Photography Tips:

  1. Keep angles straight – don’t try fit everything in the image by turning the phone on an angle. Move back if you need to
  2. Don’t shoot into the light – if the sun or a window is behind you, it will create a dark image. If possible, turn the subject around so that the light source is behind you
  3. Be Mindful of backgrounds – we don’t want rubbish bins or a other messy things in the background.
Meet Lee Biderovsky

Our Marketing Maverick

Lee Biderovsky is an expert product and branding photographer living the dream in Australia’s culture capital, Melbourne. Her business is called Lee Bird Photography and she’ll whip up a flat lay faster than you can pop the kettle on (N.B. will happily opt for a strawberry daiquiri after 2pm). She’s helped a wide variety of clients (including jewellery designers, restaurateurs, interior and events stylists, homeware retailers and more) bring their visions to life.  And now, she’s doing all that for Conversation Caravan.

Lee’s knowledge of photography and social media make her an invaluable resource when it comes to building better branding in 2019, and working with her takes the stress out of finding a photographer who not only gets you, but gets the work done, too. Lee has been working as a photographer for the last 10 years, managing everything a business owner needs to, including her marketing. She’s also worked as a communications officer at the State Revenue Office and as a Journalist at several publications including Postcards, Herald Sun, Computer Week, CRN and Marketing Mix Magazine.

Her easy to follow, have-fun-or-go-home approach makes working together an absolute breeze, and whether you’re looking to build out a specific campaign, want to raise overall brand awareness or are more focused on developing your own personal brand, she’ll make you look hotter than Liam Hemsworth on a sunny Australian beach.

And it’s highly possible you’ve already seen some of her work! Lee’s creative flair has seen her featured by the likes of Mama Disrupt, Little One Magazine and Modern Wedding Magazine. She’s a two-time Finalist in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards, scored silver in the VIPP Awards, and is a Mouth of Mums Awards 2011 nominee. She’s a member of the AIPP, Business of Food, Females in Food and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, and holds a degree in Media and Communications, majoring in Journalism and Radio Broadcasting.

At Conversation Caravan we’re delighted to have her on board helping out with Marketing and as a Referral Partner.

When Loddon Grows Up

Conversation Caravan recently travelled to central Victoria to help one council find out how to retain young people in the region.

The Loddon Shire Council asked our team to investigate what young locals consider to be the essential facilities and services needed to encourage them to stay or later return to the area.

Like many rural councils, Loddon Shire has a significantly lower population percentage of young people aged 12 to 24 years living within the municipality compared to metropolitan areas.

We spoke to about 300 young people at four pop up events at Pyramid Hill College and East Loddon P-12 schools, as well as local sports events held at Bridgewater Oval and Donaldson Park.

Those we interviewed were aged between 12 and 25 and gave a variety of responses, ranging from needing improved internet connection to more safe spaces to socialise.

Conversation Caravan Director Cindy Plowman said a common theme was how important sport is to the lives of young people.

“Many told us sport is what they love about living in Loddon as it gave them an opportunity to connect with friends regularly, volunteer through their clubs and spend time outside,’’ she said.

Cindy said it was a great experience to work with a regional council in the engagement process.

“Identifying engagement barriers and assessing how they can be overcome is an integral part of what we do as we want to ensure all possible efforts have been made to reach the target audience.

“Given the focus of the young age group, we provided extra incentives to encourage participation such as a $300 voucher to the sports club with the highest participation at the Wedderburn match day community pop up.

“We also found hosting a workshop with council staff and working closely with the local community when planning the engagements contributed to ensuring the project was a success.’’

Loddon Shire Council will use the feedback to prepare its youth strategy. The council is already considering how to provide free Wi-Fi in the municipality, create work experience and skill based training and will consult with young people to plan more youth focused events.

To read the case study, CLICK HERE

Making Frankston Safer

Conversation Caravan has helped create a community network in Frankston who have come together to make the suburb safer.

Working with Victoria Police and the Department of Justice, we have set up the Frankston First Network.

The group consists of 25 community members who come from a variety of backgrounds including the Frankston Traders’ Association, small businesses, not for profit organisations, local sports groups and Frankston City Council.

Conversation Caravan Director Cindy Plowman said the network has met three times and has already come up with some great ideas to make Frankston safer.

“The group has suggested a program to better support and empower everyday citizens to speak with someone who is vulnerable or at risk and know how to offer them that support,’’ Cindy said.

“They also suggested wider promotion of support for parents with teenagers and programs to support young people and their families.’’

The network was established after a survey of more than 2500 Frankston residents identified burglary, break and enter offences, illicit drugs and dangerous driving as key concerns for locals.

Cindy said the network is now working towards reshaping Frankston’s image through the promotion of positive stories about the area.

“One of the nicest parts of this project has been the interaction between Victoria Police and general members of the public. It’s really great hearing the conversations and solution-finding,’’ she said.

We’re excited about presenting two public workshops aimed at helping different community groups create a safer experience. 

First up is the visual merchandising workshop, which is for traders wanting to learn how to make their shopfront more attractive to customers, while also adding a layer of protection to their business through their displays. It’s being run on September 4th and spaces are limited (CLICK HERE TO BOOK)

Next is a Home Safety Workshop that is being run as a joint partnership by the Neighbourhood Watch and Victoria Police. They will share their essential tips on keeping your home safe. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and attendees will be given a hard copy checklist to assess their home.  CLICK HERE to book now and ensure you’re doing all you can to keep your home safe.

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